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Law, Technology and the Social Network

The market for legal technologies is ever-active—and ever-expanding. Recent market data is very clear on the strong drive for investment in Cloud-based technology, workflow and automation tools, analytics and collaboration platforms. As the technologies grow ever more sophisticated to match the businesses they support, it is more critical than ever that legal organizations assess their needs diligently.

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Insights Poll: The Process Stakes Have Been Raised

When it comes to analytics, the legal ecosystem as a whole spends an amazing amount of energy on understanding spend. 98% of legal organizations report on and consume spend management metrics; it is by far the most prolific and mature metric in legal. However, Hyperion’s recent polling shows that only 9% of legal operations managers reported spend management as a relevant metric. Is this some sort of cognitive dissonance? Legal department operations stakes have been raised.

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The Growth of Process Automation in IP Management

Intellectual property groups typically rely on “docketing systems” as the central resource for managing tasks, deadlines and other case-related information. While important, these systems also tend to be limited to their abilities to manage processes across the IPM lifecycle. In seeking to improve operational performance, and to better manage the work of innovation, we find that leading IP groups now embrace advanced workflow technology as a key to their success.

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Pushing the Boundaries: The Hybrid Cloud and Wireless ECM

The tension between keeping data “behind the firewall” and making it externally available is particularly acute in the context of ECM. Recently popular “hybrid cloud” solutions describe a deployment strategy in which an organization uses both on-premises architecture and cloud-based components (either dedicated or third-party hosted).

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Using Content Management to Build an Enterprise Ecosystem

Closely associated with the effort to maximize ECM adoption is the desire to satisfy a growing appetite for integrations to third-party productivity and practice-management software and systems. These integrations go further than plug-ins and add-ons to Microsoft Outlook and the Microsoft Office suite – which all of the advanced ECM solution providers in this space now offer as a matter of course.

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The Challenges of ECM Adoption

Ease of use and the “user experience” are among the most important and impactful topics for both solution providers and end users in ECM. The prevailing thought is that a user experience that is more seamless and less disruptive to human work processes will lead to higher rates of adoption by users and inclusion of content. Our research demonstrates clear adoption challenges to ECM, and so a dissonance emerges when comparing sentiments against achieved functional competencies.

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