TrendView™ Reports

Hyperion Research is the legal industry's premier source of independent market research and advisory services. We provide unparalleled insight to the leading trends in legal strategy, operations, and technology. We work with law departments, law firms and other legal service organizations to make intelligent, fact based decisions about how to improve their operational performance. We also work with solution providers, including software vendors, professional service groups and consultants, to better understand the latest market trends and the needs of their customers.

TrendView™ reports provide provide industry insight to the latest trends, issues and solutions in the Legal market.  Working with our clients, solution providers, ongoing benchmarking research and surveys, and market pundits, we produce TrendView reports to publish thoughtful and analytic legal market intelligence.


TrendView Library

Our Research Library includes the following current trends analysis TrendView™ products:

(Note: given the rapid pace of change in the legal solutions market, we regularly curate this library selection online to provide the most current, relevant research.  Past publications, including previous year reports, may be available upon request.)

TrendView™: Finding Value in E-Billing

The first ever assessment of the value of e-Billing to law firms and sentiments about this uniquely corporate legal market.
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TrendView: Assessing Value in E-Billing

Hyperion's TrendView™ and Market Study seek to better understand the cost to law firms of using required e-billing systems.
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TrendView™: Law Dept Performance Management, Metrics and KPIs

The latest thinking on performance-based management, including a compilation of more than 100 metrics.
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TrendView™: Assessing Your Options in Law Firm BPM

This report discusses the various options available, and guiding principles for making the right decision in implementing BPM.
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TrendView™: Guiding Principles for Selecting and Implementing IP Systems

The identified critical success factors that organizations should consider in selecting their IPM solutions.
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TrendView™: Selecting and Implementing Legal Technology

Many law firms and corporate law departments struggle with the process of identifying, selecting and implementing technology solutions.
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Trendview™: The Impact of the America Invents Act on IPM Operations and Administration

AIA provisions that should be considered from the operations and administrative perspective.
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TrendView™: Successful IT Budget Planning

The key areas to consider in developing your software procurement budget in the SaaS and perpetual license worlds.
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TrendView™: Regulatory And Functional Considerations In European E-Billing

Legal electronic billing in the European market is a nascent but quickly emerging solution area.
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TrendView™: The Changing Role of ECA in the e-Discovery Lifecycle

Electronic Discovery (e-Discovery) has emerged as the legal solutions market’s largest and most active segment.
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TrendView™: New Perspectives on IP Portfolio Management Services

Current annuity service offerings and the opportunity to meet a broader set of needs for intellectual property owners.
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TrendView™: Trends in Law Department Transformation

In our recent Hyperion Insights™ survey, we explored transformation initiatives at Global 1000 companies.
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TrendView™: Understanding Today’s IPM Software Licensing Models

We find a range of practices amongst vendors in the IPM software market.
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TrendView™: The Role of Technology in Intellectual Property Management

This is one of the early findings from our ongoing research exploring the role of technology in corporate IPM.
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Trendview™: Legal Process Outsourcing and Market Adoption of Intellectual Property Services

Our perspectives on the unique dynamics that are shaping the client adoption of intellectual property services.
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TrendView™: Patent Owners Shift Strategies in Light of New IPR Dynamics

Companies are shifting their IP strategies in reaction to changing legal and business environments.
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TrendView™: Guiding Principles for Selecting and Implementing E-Billing for Intellectual Property

We identify a set of guiding pricinples that help define successful E-Billing initiatives for IP Departments.
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Trendview™: Guiding Principles for Successfully Implementing BPM and Workflow Automation

BPM is a powerful tool for law firms to improve operational efficiency, resource utilization and client satisfaction.
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